Know How

The in house Know How covers all the most important tasks and activities necessary for a succesfull and efficient electrical and automation control of an industrial process.

More than 100 references since year 2003 are the strongest and more valuable asset of AIS.

The project management

Together with the core supply of Power Converters Panels and Automation Systems, AIS provides in house competence for the management of the whole electrical and automation supply, starting from the Medium Voltage distribution switchgear, down to the field sensors, including transformers, motors. The typical range of a single project is 0,2 – 3 Million Euro each.

Knowledge of processes

The AIS Team gathers managers and engineers, each with many years of experience in sales, management, design, manufacturing and commissioning of electrical and automation systems for Cold and Hot processing and rolling of Aluminium as well as Steel.

The Know How is extended also to auxiliary processes like, but not only, Water Treatment Systems, Gas distribution monitoring, Material Handling.


The experience accumulated in more than 10 years with the products of all the most important manufacturers of power converters, PLCs and HMI supervision software allows AIS to be flexible and match all the technical requirements of customers located in all the geographical areas of the world.


AIS manages the whole electrical project responsibility and is constantly focused in supporting its customer in the selection of the best technical solutions during the whole life of a project. EPLAN© design environment