Production of Energy from Renewable Sources

Solar Power
AIS Supply features Design and delivery of turn-key installations
Power range 10KW to 1MW
Scope of Supply MV cabinet and transformer (if required)
Solar panels
Inverter board
Supervision and Control Software
Supporting construction for panels
Local distribution boxes
Cables, conduits, erection materials
Installation and commissioning


The first installation was on the roofs top of AIS facility. More than one year testing to approve the control strategy and to optimize the component design.

AIS roofs top 39 kW 170 Panels 3 X 15KW inverter (TDE Macno brand)
Italian customer 200 kW 828 Panels 1 X 200KW inverter
Italian customer 100 kW 432 Panels 1 x 75KW, 1 x 37KW inverter (TDE Macno brand)
Italian customer 46 kW 200 Panels 1 X 50KW inverter (TDE Macno brand)
Italian customer roof top 1000 kW 2700+ Panels 42 Inverters ABB - Danieli Automation HiPac Control System